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Mic Plus Application Equals Love: A Buyer’s Guide | Shure Blog

Mic Plus Application Equals Love: A Buyer’s Guide

Valentine’s Day chocolates and flowers are short-lived, but these miking recommendations from five Shure Associate musicians will stand the test of time. (Cue violins…) There’s a recommendation or two for each of the core band instruments, so by the time you reach the bottom of this post, you’ll be able to mic your whole band.



Singer and Shure PR/social media whiz Cheryl Jennison-DaProza only has eyes for theKSM9HS…for now, that is.

“When I sing, I put my lips right on the mic. That’s why having my own mic is super-important to me,” Cheryl explains. “I make out with my mic more than my own husband! I’ve been using the KSM9HS for several years now, and I love the clarity and detail with which it captures my voice. And the tight hypercardioid polar pattern really helps reject excessive stage volumes in my in-ear mixes. But when it comes to vocal mics, it’s not necessary to have one true love. . .”  [Glances longingly in the direction of a nickel KSM8…]


Acoustic Guitar

Michael Pettersen is a veteran guitarist and director of the Shure product support team. His heart belongs to the true blue KSM137, and here’s why:

“I use the KSM137 to mike my flattop acoustic guitar and my archtop acoustic guitar.  When using the KSM137, the amplified sound of the guitar sounds like the unamplified sound of the guitar. I love the KSM137 because it does not change the timbre of the instrument. It makes my guitars sound like my guitars! Ah, fidelity…”


Guitar Cabinet

Guitarist and songwriter Mike Petruccelli of our customer service team knows how to get his shred on, and that variety is the spice of life, love, and music.

“When it comes to guitar amps, the SM7B and the SM94 are a match made in heaven!” Mike says. “If you record with both of them simultaneously, you can get one of the raddest tones from two very different microphones. I guess it’s true when they say opposites attract!”  


Bass Cabinet

Justin Boller of our product support team plays a mean tuba, among other instruments, including bass. His favorite bass mic for recording is sadly out of his league. (No one said love was fair.) His lovelorn lamentation follows:

“Lo, the KSM353, object of my desire, effortlessly capturing each fleeting nuance, and with low end for days! Me, lowly resident of the bass clef, she with her state-of-the-art metals, obscuring a delicate yet enduring ribbon within…an endless love, a permanent and perfect match, never to be made until my lottery numbers come in!”

For now, though, Justin’s happy with the BETA®27 and “wouldn’t want it to be jealous.”



Another multi-talented multi-instrumentalist, Pete Carparelli of our customer service team is also a songwriter and recording engineer. He simply adores the versatility of the SM57.

“When it comes to miking up a drum kit, your heart could be won over by many. But the one that’s never broken my heart is the SM57,” Pete says. “Snare drum, toms and even hi-hats (Trust me!) all sound wonderful with the SM57, and come on, what’s not to love about the microphone that can do it all? It can do it all, and do it well, and that’s why it won my heart.”

Source: Mic Plus Application Equals Love: A Buyer’s Guide | Shure Blog